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How To Design Buyer-Centric Marketing Machines
Gartner suggests that 77% of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was complex and challenging. ‍The customer's buying journey is harrowing.
Chat GPT for Cold Email Prospecting: Does it Work?
Here are some thoughts on my observations in the last six months, as I have been hands-on with two clients doing an SDR transformation as part of the GTM.
How to Achieve Better Sales and Marketing Alignment
It’s an age-old story: marketing generates leads, but sales says the quality of the leads isn’t good. I’ve put together this article to share a few of my best tips for achieving sales and marketing alignment.
The Science of Selling: Understanding the 6 Whys Behind Every Buying Decision
Have you ever wondered why your potential customers walk away from a sale, even when you think you've presented them with the perfect solution? Base your sales process on creating "next step layers".
Why Sales-Led Growth Doesn't Work and What To Do About It
It would help to not rely on sales-led growth to scale your business. Every week I'm amazed by the reasons for no / slow growth between £2m - £10m ARR; it often results from bad sales hires or attrition.
Key Questions You Need To Ask When Planning Your Sales & Marketing GTM Strategy
These question will be helpful for you to understand and help you plan
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