People Accelerator Program for your most promising talent.

Do you want your people to grow, develop and execute? Here's how…

When you’re time-poor, building the capabilities of your people and making sure they’re focused on the right things is tough.

YOU CAN NEVER GET MORE TIME. Now, whenever I want to learn or improve some area of my life, THE FIRST thing I do is hire an expert to guide me.

This saves me time, money, and pain. 

Here are a few examples from this year alone: 

•A client wanted to up-skill their new CMO. Result: Pipeline increased by 35% in 3 months.

•A client had no credible revenue leader to coach and mentor the team - hence worried about results and attrition. Result: Zero attrition AND better execution.

•A client wanted to give their high performers more structured support Result: Accelerated career development and results.

You want the shortest path between where you are to where you want individuals and teams to be. I can help.

I boost capabilities in people with potential — coaching them to make better decisions and increase productivity for faster scaling.

After years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, I developed the Triple P Framework™ — a three-month system to give revenue leaders the coaching they need to thrive.

Develop a clear plan, set the right priorities, and optimize performance.

How I Help

I’ve compiled 15+ years of experience into the People Accelerator Program to help GTM leaders become high-performing revenue leaders.

I leverage people with potential through an initial 3-month process — ensuring they're focused on right things, checking they have the right plan, driving personal development, boosting capabilities, sharpening decision-making, and prioritizing outputs over activities.

My Triple P Framework™ follows a simple formula:
Planning + Prioritisation + Performance = GTM Success
"Edwin is a fantastic marketing & sales advisor/coach for me and our business at Synthesized. We spend a few hours per month together and every time we speak I leave with actionable plan to further improve our marketing and outbound sales efforts. Since I've started working with Edwin a few months ago, we have seen substantial results by operationalizing his recommendations and embracing his perspectives."

— Jeffrey Dietz, Former VP of Global Sales at Synthesized

Why Coaching Matters

When preparing to scale, your people need to be operating at the very top of their game. Fast-scaling companies are usually venturing into uncharted waters — your team doesn't know what they don’t know and, as CEO, you don’t have time to find their blind spots.

The People Accelerator Program short-circuits this process by slashing management overheads, injecting vital GMT know-how, and helping promising talent develop growth mindsets.

If you need confidence that revenue leaders are focused on the right areas, I double down on activities that deliver outcomes by recognizing what works and what doesn’t in the current GTM environment.

Is GTM coaching right for your business?

The People Accelerator Program is designed for ambitious, high-performing, ready-to-scale companies that:

01 . Have raised a minimum of $1 million
02. Understand the value of mentoring
03.Want to relieve people pains to accelerate scaling
04. Aim to generate $15-20+ million ARR
05. Are passionate about culture, upskilling people from within, and adopting AI to boost efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ed?
How long does a coaching relationship last?
How do I know if my team needs coaching?
Do I need coaching right now?
How much does coaching cost?
People Accelerator Program

Mentored scale-ups grow 3.5x faster, raise 7x more funds, and live to tell the tale.

The People Accelerator Program is a step-by-step system, delivered 1:1 or with a team, requiring a minimal time investment of 1-2 hours per week.

Accelerate the speed of execution across your teams while simultaneously investing in their personal development.

What’s Included:

1:1 or team coaching with flexible scheduling

Unlimited support via Slack & WhatsApp

GTM Execution tracking framework

Get started

Review all of the FAQs prior to purchase. 
If anything isn’t clear, just email me.