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Chris Barbin

Edwin is one of the best out there when it comes to advisory related to go to market / marketing in the enterprise SaaS world — both software and services. He's been invaluable to our team at @Tercera in helping diligence companies and providing super helpful guidance to our portfolio companies.

His frameworks, approach and importantly style is engaging and efficient. Super thankful to work with him in prior lives and ongoing as part of his role in our Tercera Advisor Network!

Founder & former CEO at Appirio
Latané Conant

Edwin worked at Appirio for 4+ years and was critical to building Appirio’s European business from the ground up. Edwin drove results and built an incredible team. He hired amazing talent and groomed them to be their best. He had a positive impact on our business, careers, and lives. Ultimately this is the mark of great leadership.

Edwin is a constant student... from some new piece of technology he wanted us to pilot to self-help programs he was pushing us to try, he was always working on himself and raising the bar for all of us.

Revenue Leader | Chief Market Officer | V2MOM Enthusiast | Speaker

100+ Recommendations from Clients, Peers, CEO’s, VC’s; People Coached, Mentored & Managed

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