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ABM — where do we start? Access a practical guide on how to build a successful ABM strategy to scale revenue growth.

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ABM “LITE” FORMULA is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch an Account Based Marketing strategy in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to how to build ICP profiles, campaign architecture and what MarTech is needed to execute.

With ABM LITE, you get a 20+ page plus manual where I take you through all the steps of creating and sequencing your ABM campaign. That means you also get my swipe files… including ICP templates, messaging architecture, lead scoring models and ROI analysis explainers.

But, it doesn’t stop there… You also get access to me through my weekly briefing newsletter. It's designed for aspiring and successful revenue leaders, Startup CEO's (w/funding) who are focused on revenue but need to know B2B marketing and the curious minded who want to develop their careers into leadership. You can sign up here —

In short, this ABM Lite Formula is a method, a system and a proven PLAYBOOK… that companies I advise have applied very successfully over and over.

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The biggest buzz-word in SaaS over the last few years. The big challenge for revenue leaders, CEO's and marketers is really understanding "how to execute" an effective strategy. ABM is often designed with a singular campaign focus, not always-on, not integrated across marketing channels and not aligned fully to sales. It often adds more complexity in the GTM strategy. The only way to reduce the potential risks associated with virtually any strategy is to develop a comprehensive game plan.

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The starting point for ABM is a shift towards highlighting ICP accounts. Traditional marketing looks at the whole market, or industry, or segment and plans campaigns across generic cohorts. A discipline aligned to a less sophisticated Demand Generation strategy.

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You will find a checklist of key items in 4 phases. From Readiness, MarTech, Launch and Post-Launch (being always-on). These are the foundational basics of ABM to help you plan and execute a GTM strategy in simplistic terms.

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A Definitive Check-list for ABM Success

Step 1

Find a hot market. Create clear account lists and specific ICP’s. Find trigger moments for that ICP (i.e. Recency of hire) and market.

Step 2

Architect the campaigns, message, work-flows, channels, follow up and always-on strategy.

Step 3

Create personalised campaigns for customer archetypes that describes the product (or service) and problems it solves and the benefits why it’s important to act now.

Step 4

Make a test campaign (not the full list). Launch pilot ABM programme for 4-6 weeks.

Step 5

Analyse results, insights and reporting dashboards. Understand the engagement and flow-through into the sales funnel.

Step 6

If results are good, understand tweaks for improvements. Build out wider programmes to alternate persona’s, verticals and industries.