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Edwin Abl: SaaS GTM Expert & B2B SaaS Advisor

I’ve spent the past 15+ years building world-class marketing operations at well-known B2B SaaS scale-ups and start-ups.

I’m passionate about creating sustainable, scalable B2B marketing machines. But the more companies I’ve worked with, the more I’ve come to recognise that they nearly all face the same recurring challenge:

Very few founders, CEOs, and CMOs understand how to effectively execute the complex requirements of modern marketing in order to drive growth and pipeline in the GTM stage.

I’ve made it my mission to help leaders gain clarity through this chaos and get to the next level more efficiently — and with less risk — using the knowledge I’ve gained and the systemised processes and playbooks I’ve developed.

As an empathetic, revenue-driven advisor, I go beyond what’s offered by generic consultants and fractional CMOs — serving as a resource to my clients and guiding them using an integrated, holistic approach to sales and marketing.

If you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ to launch your journey to success, you won’t find it here. Instead, I’ve built my advisory practice around making the process of scaling safer — and I’m dedicated to showing companies like yours exactly how to do it.

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two man in the crowded hall speaking

As an advisor, my sweet spot is taking a broader view — validating organisations’ GTM approach and offering pragmatic guidance on how to implement systems and processes that build capacity whilst limiting risk and ensuring resources are allocated wisely.

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100+ recommendations on Linkedin
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“When it comes to B2B SaaS marketing, Ed hits the sweetspot. Clear, methodical, well thought through guidance to what can be a complex area. Ed would be a great part for most scale-up (if you can get into his diary). Team Frog.”

Mike Reid, Founder & Senior Partner Frog Capital
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Recent Highlights

Scaled pipeline at Appirio across EMEA from $30k-£133m in just four years (before Appirio was acquired by Wipro for $550m).

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Built the B2B SaaS marketing function from scratch at Modulr — the UK’s 2nd fastest-growing tech company in 2020 with over £150M+ in venture funding.

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Partnering with VC and B2B SaaS companies across Europe, U.S. and Australia, including multiple Due Diligence projects supporting Series A / B funding rounds with scaling B2B SaaS orgs.

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See my 100+ recommendations on LinkedIn

Let’s Chat!

If you’re an emerging start-up, a fast-growth scale-up, or a stalled organisation, I’d love to connect.

As an experienced SaaS 'C' level operator and ex-CMO, I won’t just give you the cure to your current challenges — I’ll show you how to apply it, identifying your ‘unknown unknowns’ and covering everything from how to scale through to marketing execution.

My Story: Get to Know Edwin

The Early Ears

When I was 21 years old, I started working in recruitment on a cold desk with ZERO customers, processes, tools or strategy — just a phone. Cold selling was hard, but I learned how to create opportunities and became a top 10 sales rep out of 300+ consultants.

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Coming Up Short

Full of fire to carry my success forward, I launched several businesses of my own — both products and services; only to watch as each failed to make an impact or deliver the kind of growth I wanted.

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Investing In Education

I went back to the drawing board, spending years leaning on my love of learning and immersing myself in others’ approaches to marketing, sales, systems, and processes. I studied and tested all sorts of personal development hacks, tactics, and guru blueprints until I’d built the foundation of my own methodology.

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Leadership In Practice

I put my learnings to work in marketing leadership roles at several SaaS companies, including Appirio — which went on to a $550M exit, one of the most significant SaaS services acquisitions. After working a year within Wipro (acquirer), I took on a new challenge serving as an operating B2B marketing advisor within Blenheim Chalcot. I held operational roles at Hive Learning and Modulr, recognised as Dun & Bradstreet’s second fastest growing tech company in the UK, achieving the second highest three-year CAGR, with 430.39%, from 50 tech companies.

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Serving A New Generation

Now, as an independent advisor to high-growth B2B SaaS organisations across the globe, I offer deep and practical insight that’s grounded in the unique experiences I’ve had. I’m committed to continuing my own education and development, in addition to sharing everything I’ve learned through my services and resources.

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How I Approach Scaling Through Marketing Execution

Houses built on unstable foundations never last — the same way that B2B marketing programs built on tactics alone often struggle to meet their goals and make a meaningful impact.

I’ve built my strategic offerings to address marketing programs’ bigger picture, accounting for everything from due diligence diagnostics to their strategy, people, operations, and executions.

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How I Can Help

Standalone Support

Access one-time support for a pressing need. Book a call with me to develop your ICP, build a GTM playbook, or answer a strategic marketing question.

Book A Session
Strategic Advisory

Looking for a broader engagement? My ongoing advisory services encompass strategic planning, due diligence, mentoring, and coaching.

Learn More
Helpful Resources

Gain a better understanding of my approach to B2B SaaS marketing through my Weekly Briefing newsletter, my free ABM Playbook, my blog, and more.

Explore Resources

My Areas of Expertise

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Due Diligence and Audits for Scaling
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Building SaaS 
Marketing Playbooks
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Scaling GTM ARR
blue tick mark on light-blue background
B2B Demand Generation
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B2B SaaS between
£2m - £15M ARR
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Strategic Validation
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Hiring VP and above revenue leaders
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Organisational Models
and Org Design
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Outbound Marketing
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Go-to-Market (GTM) Process Design
blue tick mark on light-blue background
Scaling Global
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Inside Sales Effectiveness

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