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How To Revamp Your Sales Deck - Best Structure To Follow

You should tailor your sales deck based on persona. Sales / AE's often struggle with the big vision starter (i.e. the Zuora sales deck style) and you need to cater to their needs in order to make sure it is effective in the field.

Here are a few format structures you can use:

> The CxO Presentation:

+ Opening

+ Big change in the world

+ Why care stakes

+ Show the better way

+ Obstacles that make it hard

+ Benefits to overcome them

+ Proof you can do it

> The Budget Holder Presentation:

+ Opening

+ Problem to be solved

+ Who has the problem

+ What does it cost the org today

+ Shortfalls of existing solution

+ What's changed

+ Your solution overview

+ Proof that we're better

+ What our solution costs

> The Practitioners Presentation:

+ Opening

+ Confirm the problem

+ Shortfalls of other solutions

+ Proof that you're better

+ How it works

+ Demo

+ Logo slide

Here are examples of great sales decks.

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