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How To Design Buyer-Centric Marketing Machines

Building a marketing machine is aligned with your sales process.

Most get it wrong.

Gartner suggests that 77% of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was complex and challenging.

The customer's buying journey is harrowing.


You create the sales process through an internal lens.

It's self-serving.

You are not thinking about the buyer.

They do not want:
- An SDR "qualifying" call.
- An SDR to AE hand-off process.
- An AE call that repeats conversations.
- An AE DEMO for 60 minutes focused on features.
- An AE chasing and creating "timelines" for closing that quarter.

Least of all, do they want to be taken through a rigorous sales methodology process poorly implemented.

What they want:

- They value a personalised journey that proves your ability to solve problems quickly.
- They want an intelligent interaction that builds rapport and engagement.
- They seek clarity on what sets you apart from other vendors.
- They desire a confidence-building, insightful and trusting experience.
- They expect an easy and hassle-free pathway to start.
- They want to fill their knowledge gaps and find a supportive partner to be in the trenches with them.

Most of all, they want the final parts of their knowledge gap filled with what they can't find themselves. They want to connect with someone who will be a partner to help solve their challenge.

Most sales and marketing teams in companies organize activity around a linear pipeline, seeking to move opportunities from one stage to the next.

It's a parallel process, not a serial one.

To build a marketing machine that converts into revenue, you must design marketing and sales processes around the buyer.

Not for your linear view of the world.

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