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Chat GPT for Cold Email Prospecting: Does it Work?

Does Chat GPT help you scale outbound selling?

Here are some thoughts on my observations in the last six months, as I have been hands-on with two clients doing an SDR transformation as part of the GTM.

=> First, the focus on "scaling" more volume doesn't work. I'd be careful with ChatGTP. I have had some clients testing, yes, you can get more created quicker, but the messages are not as personal and don't convert well.

# If you want to use it, think about where it fits in the workflow (where it can provide efficiency) but would not have it for solely writing some of the emails in the context of scaling more volume-wise.

=> Second, no one tactic works. It's doing a combination of approaches. We have been testing three strategies recently; no clear winner, but the mix gets better results than just doing one method.

# Strategy 1: The pincer approach. Target people above the buyer and get referrals down. Target lower than the buyer to get intel which is the right person and challenges. Get the person in the middle.

# Strategy 2: Feedback email; see copy below.


Template to test out:

Subject: Feedback


Is anything frustrating you with [pick competitor or challenge]?

I ask because I run [], which is a [enter positioning] for [who you serve]. We've got a lot of great [ either focus on people or companies, i.e., WE've got a lot of great bloggers using us like X, X and X].

I'd love to hear more about how we can better serve [prospect, i.e. data leaders] like you.

Talk soon,


# Strategy 3: LinkedIn content playbooks; a simple approach to share 'a playbook.'

Template: For use with LinkedIn Inmail

First Name - noticed you [the trigger or personalised action your prospect did or related to the content piece you are offering].

Interested in seeing a [enter what it is you are offering which solves challenge?]



We tested different versions of this below last couple of weeks:

SUBJECT: This is a sales email

Hi Edwin,

70% of sales productivity training needs to be remembered within 24 hours.

At [COMPANY], we've created [WHAT YOU DO complements [X] with the following:


- Skills practice
- Real-time coaching & feedback
- Repetition

What makes us different is [ that our OUTCOME, AND we can demonstrate improvement on your IMPACT]

Worth 15 minutes?


What's becoming clear is "pure" cold email is getting more complex than ever, and content and nurturing processes are more critical than ever.

Chat GPT can help you "scale" mass emails and create high conversions.

But be careful.

You must embed into the process to generate scalability in tasks the team performs, not as the whole strategy.

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