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Why Personal Responsibility is Key To Self-Development

The foundations of the new world of work are all about learning. By learning we mean companies learning how to add more value into a marketplace in a transparent world — how to build your company with a higher purpose and providing experiences for your employees as a core focus.

Experiences that ideally build personal responsibility to drive their own change.

Individually, learning is the most important factor to help us transition into this new workplace model — acting on a higher operating level mentally to face the challenges of an always-on, hyper-competitive and speed driven economy.

The first evolution of learning was based on “learning management”, Mastery from others: master-apprentice, learning from distilled content and formalised specific skills and top-down learning in organisations — the organisation pushed knowledge to derive outcomes focus linked to organisational goals.

The next evolution is now upon us, it is all about learning “experiences” which includes a connection of all of the following; story-telling, mentoring, bi-directional coaching, flexibility — 24/7 access, continuous learning (solving the Forgetting Curve principles — Hermann Ebbinghaus), learning from others, shared learning and a collective togetherness in the experience.

The most successful companies will design learning around corporate goals but with individual growth at the core — each individual will have different different needs, interests and requirements.

Despite this difference in everyone individually, the overall scheme will allow for this freedom but an ultimate connection to the why/ goals of the company’s vision.

A key element of the success of building a learning culture is the shared company / employee idealism of building emotional connections.

This is so powerful because every company needs to keep moving forward, each individual aspires to continuous development; whether company to employee, employee to employee and employee to leader are in it together, the impact will be substantial and world-changing.

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