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What are the Key Metrics You Need to Measure for GTM


- Lead through Active (Should show volume, stage to stage conversion and overall conversion)

- MQL to Close Won (Snapshot of last month

   - Stages:

       - MQL

        - SQL

       - Demo

       - Proposal

       - Negotiation

       - Closed Won

       - Active

   - Splits (volumes and conversion rates)

       - Closed vs All

           - Closed: Excludes deals still in the pipeline

       - Lead source

       - Segment by complexity

       - Net new vs existing

       - Size

           - Estimate versus actual (3 & 6 month look back)

       - By rep

Total Volumes

- Volume (trend over time: WoW, MoM, QoQ, same period previous year)

   - Filters

       - All (Open & Closed)

       - Closed (Closed Won/Lost & DQ)

   - Types

       - MQL volume

       - SQL volume

       - CW volume

       - Active volume

       - MQL-SQL conversion %

       - MQL-CW conversion %

       - MQL-Active conversion %

   - Splits

       - WoW

       - MoM

       - Vs Target

       - Lead source

       - By rep

           - Make it possible to select which conversion rate is plotted over time

           - One line per rep

   - Average sales cycle

       - Lead source

       - Segment by complexity

       - Net new vs existing

       - Size

       - By rep

   - Average order value

       - Lead source

       - Segment by complexity

        - Net new vs existing

       - Size

       - By rep

Performance Management

- Staff, stack ranked

   - Volumes

   - Conversion rates

   - Horse race chart

       - Based on the number of closed wins

- Other data

   - Number of touches per closed won/lost

       - Average number of touches per opp by rep

   - Total number of activities vs closed wins (correlation)

       - Regression?

    - Seniority of primary contact vs close rate

   - Meeting show rate (does your scheduled meeting attend the meeting)

       - Booked # of days out

       - By rep/bdr

   - Rep capacity

       - Point in time analysis

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