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What Are Good Questions For A Quarterly Review?

Below are questions for a quarterly review for the person you line manage.

> Please think about the following in preparation for the meeting:
+ In the past month, what have you been happy about?
+ In the past month, what have you been less happy about?
+ What questions do you have for me?

> And here are the questions we will run through during the meeting:
+ How do you feel about your goals for this quarter?
+ Any feedback for me?
+ How could I be a better manager for you?
+ What can I do to make your professional life better?
+ What’s the biggest problem of X?
+ What don’t you like about our product?
+ What would you like to improve next quarter?
+ What would you like to achieve by the end of the year?
+ What would you like to learn?
+ How is your team doing (where relevant)?
+ What would you like to be better at / in which areas would you like to grow?
+ After X+ month/years at X, how do you feel overall?
+ If you were me, what would you do differently?
+ What are the things you’ve done since you joined you’re the most proud about?
+ Is there anything I could do to invest more in your growth?
+ In the next month, what would you like to do differently from last month?
+ What’s the split of your time today between X/Y/Z? What would you like to spend more/less time on

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