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The Most Valuable Resources I Shared In November 2023

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Below is every top-clicked link from the last six weeks.

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Your GTM experience (especially LinkedIn) is full of complex, messy advice on building a marketing strategy.

And today, I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The "Just Get Started" GTM Plan


Are you making the same mistakes as everyone else?

Go-To-Market Issues To Avoid


Your Team is Not Aligned at The Executive Level (especially the GTM Narrative)

I run this alignment exercise with CEOs and leadership teams; it can be applied to any business in any niche.


Here's an unexpected tip to help your thinking on scaling.

It's my No#1 LinkedIn post of 2023.

Why Sales-Led Growth Doesn't Work

(Must hit a nerve.)


It's true. In many cases, you, as CEOs, do not understand marketing.

Here's how to start working better together.

Decoding the CEO-CMO Dynamic


How to Articulate Clear Marketing Value to CEOs

Most successful CMOs/CROs I know:

- Aren't that smart
- Don't know everything
- Don't come from a big-name company

They are just regular ol' people who know how to communicate with leadership (great comms) and have a heavy bias for action.


Thoughts On Your GTM 2024 Playbook ⤵

If I was building a marketing plan today from scratch.

I would not do what I did several years ago.

I'd flip the thinking on your "audience" and double down on “reputation”.

Reputation is your brand. You have to build a brand that stands for something.

Something people trust, believe in and want to hear from.

Here is where I would focus:

1. Figure out how to build the audience
2. Figure out how to engage the audience
3. Figure out how to convert the audience
4. Figure out how to nurture the audience
5. Figure out how to sell more to the audience


There are literally zero ways to build a marketing machine in three-month schemes. Similar to those offering get-rich-quick strategies.

If someone is selling you that and you're buying?

How Building A SaaS Marketing Engine Takes 5 Years (Not What Most CEOs/VCs Think)


↳ Story-telling Is Critical In Selling, Leadership and more…

Here is a simple model to use in any situation: marketing, sales and leadership.

The model:
1. Intention: To grow and scale quickly (what you want)
2. Obstacle: A poor value proposition and positioning; you aren’t clear. 
3. Stakes: You won’t be confident you’ll grow 
4. Transformation: Imagine your value prop and positioning are crystal clear.  

The insight here is to communicate in a way that resonates with your audience using a simple framework. Try at your next marketing or sales pitch. =)


How To Build a Less Complex Marketing Machine

This will help you rethink your 2024‍ plans. Building a marketing machine to deliver repeatable revenue is hard. One reason is that the whole thought process is obsessed with scale without thinking of the journey before scaling. But it's much easier when you break it down.


A ‘Productivity’ Strategy Anyone Can Use for Improved (and Better) Performance

This includes my take on how to organise your own personal progress strategy. This piece is designed to provide a series of frameworks for short-term, long-term and overall productivity improvements. It’s a complete end-to-end model from what I have learned over the years.


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