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Ten Ways to Build a Scalable Content Strategy

Everyone struggles to create scalable content strategies.

Everyone knows they need to do it but don't know how to operationalise a process.

Most people tell you to have three options:

1. Hire an agency or freelancer to do it for you
2. Use the internal team to produce content
3. Hire an in-house resource

All three could work. But fail to address the "production challenge" you will have regardless of your choice.

Here are ten steps to operationalise your content with a super simple process:

1. Define your audience, ICP and problems you solve for your TAM.
2. Choose what type of content you want to produce, i.e. blogs.
3. Pick which channels you will focus on, i.e. LinkedIn or Twitter.
4. Use the CEO, LT or in-house teams who have the insights.
5. Define topics and insights you need to evangelise.
6. Educate all on the plan and content angles.
7. Teach them to record audio, which is more straightforward than asking them to write.
8. Three approaches. First, use to record audio of content and insights. Second, have the agency or in-house interview and record insights using Third, interview customers or prospects using
9. Get the audios turned into posts for Linkedin, Blogs or Newsletters. The audio is transcribed in the tool and will need proofing, formatting and editing.
10. Distribute on channels consistently. Preferable from CEO profiles, leadership and not just company pages.

TIP: All the content you send to market should evangelise and agitate the problem you are solving.

Do this right, and you'll build an audience.

Building an audience is just the beginning.

Whenever you're ready, there are three ways I can help you:

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