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Is Hubspot Or Salesforce Better?

The right answer here is not one or the other. It depends on your use case, company size and requirements.

Salesforce is the market leader in CRM. But it’s not right for all companies. SFDC allows you tremendous flexibility, customisation and personalisation. In addition, to lots of integrations and add-ons via the AppExhange.

The reporting features are excellent. All that being said, it can be a clunky system, with IMHO not the greatest mobile.

The opportunity for customisation and continuous personalisation / tweaks to the system is at the same time, it’s Achilles' heal.

You can consumed in ongoing developments. Consumed with tinkering. Consumed with updates the users cannot keep up with and leads to poor adoption. If you are not a mid-sized to large org it’s way too bloated for what you’ll need, on the above assumptions.

HubSpot CRM is very basic. It is not an enterprise CRM to match SFDC. But, the limitations to customisations - especially with reporting can be helpful. It ultimately stops you building new features. This limitation means you aren’t doing as much ‘admin’. Not doing as many projects because there just are limits to the system.

In short, HS is better suited to small to mid-sized orgs. And if using marketing suite it’s helpful to work in one system. Especially when you may not have internal resources.

Be warned though HS can become messy if you are a small org. It might be better using a CRM more tailored just for smb (rather than a system looking to become enterprise but not quite at the level of SFDC).

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