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How To Start Building a Less Complex Marketing Machine

Building a marketing machine to deliver repeatable revenue is really hard.

One reason is that the whole thought process is obsessed with scale without thinking of the journey before scaling.

But it's much easier when you break it down.

Here's one way to look at it:

£500,000 in pipeline per annum (say average ACV £25,000 and working on averages of 25% conversions) :

- 20 opportunities per annum

- 1.67 opportunities per month

- 6.67 SQLs per month <--- Focus marketing and sales efforts on here. - 26.67 well-defined MQLs or leads into the pipeline

If you know your audience, ICP and value proposition, you should convert much better than at 25%.

Mind you, none of the above is easy. But it can't be too hard for marketing and sales to devise a plan to reach six SQLs per month.

And it's easier than thinking about designing this big complex marketing machine with a million channels that forget the simple basics.

I call this ANTI-SCALING.

Break your plan down next week.

And come out firing with a more straightforward approach the following.

Whenever you're ready, there are three ways I can help you:

(1) DUE DILIGENCE FOR INVESTORS & CEOs: A bespoke framework and capability model 'DEMAND KARMA' that delivers DD services to investors, VC firms and CEOs.

(2) ADVISORY: Retained advisory at funded scale-ups. A simple monthly fee. Helping CEOs build a scalable marketing machine. (Booked out until December)

(3) STRATEGY COACHING: Book time on my calendar to work through a standalone project or to get answers to your most pressing marketing strategy and execution questions.

If you're interested, let's jump on a call to see if you're a good fit.

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