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How To Solve The Problem of Marketing Team Execution

Execution is always a challenge.

In scaling SaaS there are always a million priorities for teams. It doesn't tend to get solved by OKRs or V2MOM frameworks. Actually, it's common as you grow the team, the productivity can decline. For marketing, execution is a huge challenge. Something I struggled with over the years.

Why is this?

It's often because earlier on smaller teams find it easier to focus. When you are scaling too many requests, workstreams and ideas get shared more regularly. The CEO or leadership exacerbate this issue. They follow a structured V2MOM or OKR process and tell all to focus on these outcomes. At the same time, suggest many more requests, demands or outcomes outside of the plan.

Wanna know the secret to better execution?

It's a simple, methodical system.

Drumroll, please.

>>Introducing a Marketing Execution Planning Framework<<

How it works?

- add all the campaigns, ideas or asks into the left side

- answer the 5 questions with a 1-5 rating

- pick the highest results as your core focus

- only select those which fit the realism of resources available

- share with LT / others to explain the reasoning for decisions

Easy to use, and provides clarity for decision making.

I know.

Sounds easy.

It's not.

So start small.

Progress over perfection.

Whenever you're ready, there are three ways I can help you:

(1) DUE DILIGENCE FOR INVESTORS & CEOs: A bespoke framework and capability model 'DEMAND KARMA' that delivers DD services to investors, VC firms and CEOs.

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(3) STRATEGY COACHING: Book time on my calendar to work through a standalone project or to get answers to your most pressing marketing strategy and execution questions.

If you're interested, let's jump on a call to see if you're a good fit.

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