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How To Drive Morale With Constant and Iterative Feedback

Building and scaling teams depends on how much motivation and inspiration you can instil in them. By simply listening to what they have to say, you can create a more focused and happy team.Use a simple Google form each week to get real-time feedback on sentiment, which will help build trust within the team and strengthen your ability to listen.

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Once your team starts growing, worrying about the culture, managing a team, keeping people motivated and ultimately driving outcome can be a challenge. Start thinking about how you can build trust in your leadership through a ‘listen first’ approach that is not bound through being located next to a team member in the office.But also, focus on not being intrusive which can make them feel it’s your management style to snoop on whether they are doing work.A super easy approach is to create a google form with 3 quick questions:

  1. How was your week (scale — 1:10)
  2. Brain-dump your thoughts in more detail (Great / OK / Awful / Meh) Please be descriptive.
  3. Feedback on Leadership (where help is needed, vision is clear and how you feel/ anything!) Please be descriptive.

Schedule this email each week (automated) for a specific time i.e. Friday at 11:45. Importantly, you must explain why you are taking this approach and the value for the team members — not the value for you.

It’s not about you, it’s about helping to understand what help, support and guidance is required for your team member to perform effectively.

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