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How to Create a Marketing GTM "Offer Stack"

Offer stacks

Building a marketing GTM plan has never been more complicated. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The one crucial mistake people make is not thinking of the architecture. 

In essence, build your machine as an interconnected stack.

The stack is the journey they’ll take with you to the highest value offer. 

The power of a connected stack is you have a diversified revenue. 

A visual representation. 

Here’s the stack. 

1/ A free offer 

When you’re getting started, content is your friend. 

Try to pick one anchor ongoing piece of content. 




It’s free. 

It must be engaging and focus on the problems of the prospect. 


2/ Anchor content 

Look at building either a playbook or a blueprint. 

This will be free. 

The methodology must be actionable. 

It must not “sell” your solution but help them solve a problem. 

This will lead to your solution long term. 

3/ Build an offer of the free (and valuable content) 

Put together a small offer package.

It could be an audit. 

It could be Due Diligence. 

It could be a vendor consolidation review. 

It could be cost saving calculator. 

Charge a small fee or a more significant fee for it. 

It’s the start of the conversion of the offer stack. 

Some won't. But some will!

4/ Build a knowledge base 

After working with some clients, you'll start to see patterns.

Design a system that helps people go from problem → solution.

Put this learning into a knowledge base and charge for it. 

Or build a community (i.e. something to engage peers together). 

It could be as simple as the monthly peer sessions you facilitate. 

Help your customers solve their problems on their own.

5/ Sell product one

Sell your “core” product. 

Ideally placed to sell your core product or solution. 

They’ll stick around in the middle of the stack if not ready.

Keep educating.  

6/ Up-sell or cross-sell to product two 

Once you have a core product, keep building.

Solve a new problem for the customer, not the same problem. 

The start of a “product suite” potentially. 

7/ Offer services add-ons and a premium solution 

Once engaged. 

Once a customer. 

Once they see the value. 

You’ll have an opportunity to move them to premium. 

Or you can sell “high ticket” services to complement the product. 

This could be partners or you. 

But either way is good for creating stickiness. 

There you have it. 

The “offer” stack for services and product companies. 

Create your own with the principles above. 

I don’t think the goal is to sell linearly. 

Remember, the buying process is a journey. 

What’s yours? 

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