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How To Build Marketing GTD Plan Quickly

This is an exact question I had from a CRO peer. Well, the advice here is to figure out where the opportunities are very quickly; and what assets; campaigns; approaches could move the needle quickly.

> An old framework I’ve used before is as follows:

+ Set an exact 60-day goal of where you want to be with your campaign.

+ Have an extremely clear customer avatar and the specific problem you are solving for them.

+ Create a list of 10 strategies that will help you achieve your specific goal.

+ Use estimations for each of the possible options.

+ Sort the list of marketing strategies from #3 by which one will have the largest impact towards your goal within 60 days.

+ Do your first activity for 09 days.

+ Track EVERY day how the activity performed toward your goal.

+ On Day 10, spend 80% of your time doing a new activity and 20% doing the previous week’s activity for 10 more days.

+ At the end of day 18 evaluate which of the 2 options got you closer to your 60-day goal.

+ Spend 80% on the activity that was the most effective. Spend 20% on #3 on your strategy list. Stop doing whichever of the first 2 activities was least effective.

+ Repeat this process until 90 days and you hit your goal.

I learned this from Noah Kagan.

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