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Everything an Open-Minded CEO Needs to Know about GTM in 2023

It used to be acceptable for CEOs to build large sales teams and not value marketing.

CEOs don't want to — and — can't — admit linear sales led no longer works. They struggle to understand buyers' wish to switch between channels and experiences.

It means that B2B buyers demand simple, diverse buying workflows today.

As a result, sales reps are not the only channel to customers but simply a channel, and alignment across in-person, remote and digital is crucial for supporting customers in how they buy.

We call this 'Revenue Orchestration', which must be owned.

This changes the game for everyone on your team.

The focus will shift from.


Then: Sales led

Now: Alignment led


Then: Sales driver

Now: Revenue connector


Then: Pipeline supporter

Now: Revenue orchestrator


Then: Marketing ROI

Now: Revenue efficiencies


Then: Customer retention

Now: Revenue expander

Why is the Game Different?

• The revenue funnel has shifted, again

• Hiring in sales is not a growth plan

• Poor revenue alignment kills growth

• External forces have changed b2b selling

The winners will:

• Build a fantastic product and experience

• Build an engaged audience and brand

• Build a connected and aligned GTM machine

That's literally it.

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