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Efficient Marketing Meeting Template

After 10+ years of running weekly team meetings, I often needed help with a suitable format.

It changed many times over the years.

But one that worked well with positive team feedback is below.

Take it for a spin, and let me know your thoughts.


→ Metrics
What's the pacing of the pipeline?
- How many leads are flowing through the funnel? (Quantity, or Flow)
- What is our conversion rate for someone that enters the funnel into a closed deal? (Conversion Rate)
- What is the Cost of Acquiring a Customer? (CAC).

→ Individual updates (@all)
What's the real challenge for you this week?

→ One sentence answers to the following:
1. (i) most valuable learning:
2. (ii) priorities for the week:
3. (iii) project confidence:
4. (iV) stakeholder health:
5. (Vi) GTM alignment:

1. How can we make sales easier?
2. As a team, what should we STOP / START / CONTINUE doing?
3. How do we broaden the scope of the teams' impact?

An alternative version.


→ Open
5 minutes - Me
Opening context (something useful for the team to know).

→ Personal Check-in
5 minutes - ALL
Give a personal and professional update in no more than one to two sentences each.

→ Demand Generation Update on Metrics
10 minutes - Demand Generation Team
- Update on Op creation - the ultimate metric we're trying to impact - Dashboard
- Sales & Marketing Traffic Lights OKR check
- In / How far are we with our team OKRs? Any questions? Any help needed

→ Adoption and Growth Update on Metrics
10 minutes - Adoption and Growth Team
- Update on OKRs, key projects and programmes.
- What support is needed from the team and blockers to success?
- Future outlook for success.

→ Content and Brand Updates on Metrics and Projects
10 Minutes - Content
- Update on OKRs, key projects and programmes.
- What support is needed from the team and blockers to success?
- Future outlook for success.


If you need help orchestrating the team from chaos, let me know.

Whenever you're ready, there are three ways I can help you:

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(3) STRATEGY COACHING: Book time on my calendar to work through a standalone project or to get answers to your most pressing marketing strategy and execution questions.

If you're interested, let's jump on a call to see if you're a good fit.

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