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Culture tips: how to 10x your culture with experience stacks

The world is entering a new cultural age, the information age is over and now we’re fully immersed into the “experience age”. Designing a culture in the age of “experience” can be broken down into many different silos:How do you provide an experience that inspires, retains and motivates?

How do you enable an experience that delivers empowerment?
How do you deliver an experience that offers freedom, flexibility and belonging countered against the need for control, measurements and loyalty?

And fundamentally, how do you build an experience where your company executes with speed and precision? This is the most compelling challenge facing leadership. The solution in playbook after playbook talks about “happiness”.This is true and proven across the board. However, leaders are struggling to bring together people as a group with a shared purpose to be productive.

This leads to the wider point around a happy workplace.It’s really good to be idealistic about “happy” employees as a big vision for your business. But the fundamental principles of happiness is not about happiness for happiness sake. It’s about you as a business creating meaningful purpose, filtering like drops of water and trickling through to every individual in a meaningful way.This isn’t just rallying around a vision from one person — it’s about bringing together people through a united and coherent purpose which will constantly evolve.

The way you deliver the vision is through the power of scalable relevant communication principles.This simply means all layers within an organisation are coached and empowered to drive individual conversations with team members beneath them, horizontally and upwardly.

Scalable communication is based on leadership empowerment. You must remember that change starts locally with small communities that foster a united movement across the organisation.

How does this idealism connect with speed and precision?

Let’s understand the vision, the filtering of belief and purpose is all well and good. This is only the tip of the spear and doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to execution. This execution of building experiences must be delivered through processes, technology and performance driven by consistent actions. All these elements combined are something you can describe as the “experience stack”.

The stack are in essence building blocks from vision, next steps and actions. If you are serious about designing an internal and external vision for your organisation, you need to consider how stacking connected experiences fit all together.

With this approach, you can build a business that is built on emotional connections, technology and process driven. The result is building a 10x scalable culture to deliver at speed with precision — ending in successful growth.

Let’s discuss how you understand the “Experience Stack”, the importance of getting started and how you can design an approach in a very short period of time.

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