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ABM “LITE” Part #2: MarTech and Metrics

Build the architecture of your MarTech stack.  

Here is an example. 

Tech stack — Depending on the size of your lists and the  size of your budget, it might make sense to enlist more  robust technologies instead of cooking up a DIY strategy. Providers like Demandbase and Terminus can be particularly helpful if you need support on the reporting side  as well. 

Data Platforms 

• Enlyft —  

• Goodfit — 

• Lusha —  

• ZoomInfo —  

• Sales Intel — 

• Rocket Reach —  

• LeadIQ — 

• —  


• HubSpot —  

• Salesforce —

• Pipedrive —


• —   

• Salesloft —  

• YesWare — 

• MixMax — 

• HubSell — 


• Drift —  

• Crisp — 

ABM Gifting  

• Reachdesk —  

• Hugg —  

Analytics & SEO  

• Google analytics/GTM 

• SemRush —  

• Hotjar — 

• Optinmonster — 

• Pagesense —  

• PPC: Linkedin campaign manager/Capterra/Elearning  Industry/Adwords  


Customer Data

• Planhat —

• Intercom —

Other Tools

• Adzact —

• 6Sense —

• Bombara —

• Phantom Buster —

• Zopto —

• Sopro —

• RightMessage —

• Hippo Video —

• Fortella —

• Jiminy —


These are the core metrics you want to measure for a  successful ABM programme:  

• Pipeline  

• Qualified accounts 

• Funnels of stages of ops 

• Campaign effectiveness  

• Reach/penetration 

• Win rates/ velocity 

Look to build this in one dashboard or one scorecard. 

KPIs — You should be optimizing for visibility, engagement, funnel acceleration, and other similar metrics. ABM  KPIs priorities time-on-site and engagement over traditional lead gen KPIs because these accounts may al ready be in the pipeline. In some cases, you will be more  focused on funnel acceleration than net new lead generation, so you should set KPIs that will help you measure  that more effectively. 

Reporting — Target accounts should be separated from pure lead acquisition efforts in reporting. In some cases, a third party reporting tool may be necessary, depending on the functionality of your site. If you aren’t able to track engagement on a per session basis, or capture information about the companies on your site, we recommend  using an advanced analytics platform — such as De mandbase GA dashboards, Bombora, or Google Campaign Manager — to get that level of insight. 

Metrics review and performance assessment is often  done in siloes i.e. in marketing ops and sales ops. Do not  let this happen. Make sure you have a ‘ONE TEAM’ ethos. A view of the full funnel flow-through from acquisition,  purchase, cross-sell/ up-sell and LTV. 

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