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3 Critical Tips for Leaders Who Don’t Have Team Alignment Yet

If you want to break through, not just have a minor change, but real progress in performance for 2023. It would be best to flip the narrative on how you do it.

Most CEOs or leaders are running "kick-offs" this time of year. The goal is to walk away with a clear plan that drives the business forward. The outcome is always on strategy and actions. I like to think of a strategy broken down into "3" Ss.

These are:

1. Strategy - the approach

2. Story - the company story / personal stories

3. State - the emotional state of individuals and engagement

In my experience, this is the order in which most operate. And even you need to remember to think about the last point. In theory, the state of the individual/ team is the most important, which is "state". How do you prime your team to be in the right "state" and have the right "connection" with each other and the right "engagement" with themselves and the strategy?

Flip the order:

1. State - the emotional state of individuals and engagement

2. Story - the company story / personal stories

3. Strategy - the approach

What this means is to plan your offsite or focus of your goal first to get people in the right state of mind, then create alignment with the company story linked to the individual's story and lastly, make sure everyone is crystal clear on the strategy.

If you do it this way, you'll be far more likely to create the foundations of a high-performance team that want to deliver against your plan. The emotional state of individuals and groups is the capability needed to build a great business.

Progress equals momentum.

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