Due Diligence for Venture Capital Investments

Eliminate risks and uncover opportunities through forensic Due Diligence services for investor-backed SaaS scale-ups.

Drive more confident decision-making and ensure your investment will scale and deliver returns, at speed, through the DEMAND KARMA due diligence model.

This proprietary framework evaluates 200+ data and capability points across an organisation’s sales and marketing functions, based on my 15+ years of real-world experience working in and with fast-growing B2B SaaS companies starting in the £2m-£15m ARR range.
The Impact
— Investors and VCs gain clear visibility into organisations’ gaps, as well as actions to resolve areas critical to growth

— Chairmen and CEOs audit for scale and improve their commercial operations for performance improvements or capital raising

— Boards and VCs uncover key risks and build a roadmap for leadership and operating capabilities
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Assessment against 200+ data and capability points
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Full revenue funnel audit, including benchmarking vs market
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Full data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and asset reviews
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Visual dashboard insights detailing capabilities and fixes to speed up growth plan
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Full written report + recommendations debrief, including a priority roadmap of fixes

Key Steps

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Gather Data
Current State Analysis

Compile existing performance data across multiple sources and stakeholder interviews to evaluate strategy, value proposition, brand, marketing, sales, go-to-market, team capabilities, organisation design, producitivity, demand generation, and martech capabilities.

Assess the findings against a 200+ factor framework, rating the organisation’s effectiveness at each factor on a five-point scale.

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Review of Findings
Priority Recommendations & Roadmaps

Review the findings with VCs, boards, or investors on a pre-investment basis to minimise risk, or with Chairmen or CEOs to provide direction for operational improvements. Uncovering what for youwould be been unknown unknowns.

Uncovering what for you would be been unknown unknowns. Understand where to narrow the focus, get back on track quickly, learn to do less while improving quality and increase sped of execution. You'll learn the broad scope of B2B SaaS marketing and sales – how to orchestrate the programme and activities.

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When it comes to B2B SaaS marketing, Ed hits the sweet spot. Clear, methodical, well thought through guidance to what can be a complex area. Ed would be a great partner for most scale-ups (if you can get into his diary).

Mike Reid, Founder & Senior Partner, Frog Capital

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