Coaching that grows with you
Executive mentoring / coaching to take you and your company to the next level.
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Grow your business through personal growth

Mentored startups grow 3.5x faster and raise 7x more money. Get 1:1 coaching for commercial leaders who want to get better at what they do and want strategic and tactical advice about scaling revenue growth.

Reflect on what's really going on
  • Understand the problems blocking your growth
  • Learn from someone experienced
  • Make confident decisions
  • Build a demand generation pipeline that lasts
  • Gain the insight of a CMO without hiring

Learn with someone who's been there
Dave Bailey has over 10 years of experience in the trenches. Acquire new perspectives and new skills to help you stay in control as your business scales up.
Make better decisions faster
Good decisions come from a clear mind. Work on the tough questions, choose clarity over certainty, and be held accountable for getting stuff done.
Core beliefs
1. Questions are more powerful than answers.
2. Clarity comes from perspective
3. Experience is the best teacher
4. Accountability drives results
5. Great leaders embrace vulnerability
Co-founded several companies (successes and failures)
Raised millions in angel and venture capital
Hired and managed hundreds of employees
Over 10 years of operating experience in the trenches
Invested in multiple startups with Downing Ventures
Worked as a Programmer, Product Manager & Marketer
Mentored hundreds of startups via Google 's accelerator
Writes for several high-profile tech publications
Certified Agile Scrum Master / Product Owner
Graduate of Oxford University and Stanford Business School
Who is right for CxO Coaching?
CxO Coaching is for ambitious high-performing leaders who are:
High-performing commercial leaders
CEO Coaching is for ambitious high-performing
CEO Coaching is for ambitious high-performing
CEO Coaching is for ambitious high-performing
CEO Coaching is for ambitious high-performing
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does CEO coaching involve?
You'll receive deep coaching sessions every two weeks to work through the issues most important to you. You'll also receive feedback and tailored training on the areas that you want to develop.
Will I have access to my coach outside sessions?
Yes. Clients receive 24/7 phone support for those moments when you need it most.
Are coaching sessions confidential?
Of course! Everything we talk about in a coaching session is strictly confidential and between only you and your coach.
How do I know if I'm coachable?
The best CEOs have a natural curiosity, a strong desire to improve, and the ability to communicate effectively. If you also have an open mind for new ideas, and the humility to admit that there is always room to grow (even after you know it all), then you're coachable!
How much does CEO coaching cost?
CEO coaching is highly affordable for late Seed and Series-A+ venture-backed startups. Even if you're pre-revenue or just starting out, one-on-one coaching might still be more cost-effective than you think.
Is CEO coaching a personal or business expense?
CEO coaching is typically a business expense, paid for by the company.
Will I see a return on my investment?
Your company wins or loses based on the quality of its leadership. Taking better decisions earlier will save you months of wasted effort and cost. We estimate a return on investment of between 7X and 50X.
I already speak with co-founders and board members. Why do I need an external coach?
Working with an external coach allows you to fully explore your doubts and share ideas openly in ways that are hard to achieve with your co-founders and board.
What do investors think of CEO coaches?
Investors are investing in you. They want CEOs who are clear, confident and self-aware. Investing in yourself is completely aligned with your investors' goals.
Do you coach other executives besides CEOs?
No, we specialise in, and work exclusively with, founder CEOs, concentrating on the specific challenges and opportunities that are unique to this role.
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