Hola, I lead marketing at Appirio in Europe and I'm developing a unique framework called Demand Karma, to energise workers globally. Before working at Appirio, I co-founded 2 companies in the Cloud space and worked as an advisor/ sales leader, growth consultant to startups and entrepreneurs.
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The way you approach business development has a huge effect on what you get — I can teach you clear strategies, frameworks, tactics, processes and the secrets behind building a high growth team

I've curated the 7 frameworks I use daily in my role to help plan, execute and develop effective revenue generating campaigns. Useful for marketers, sales and entrepreneurs.

I'll personally review YOUR current sales copy, and provide instant feedback on areas for improvement. Over the last 10 years I've written over 5,000+ emails for demand generation, cold outreach and newsletters.

Email drip campaigns are a flow of emails that help onboard potential prospects and/or customers into your sales funnel. Using existing content around your service or product, hyper-personal email copy will be created.

A key component of building predictable revenue is consistent email nurturing through email newsletters. The challenge we all experience is executing consistently to your prospects and customers - with other tasks often getting in the way.

Receive a free Consultation and let me analyse your email copy, plus current processes! Do you need help crafting sales emails for cold campaigns, social and events - that data driven focused on conversion?

Frameworks and processes help us get shit done quickly. This library contains a bunch of marketing, sales, business and leadership frameworks that will help you implement best practice as quickly as possible. The frameworks are available via email opt in.

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