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Edwin Abl
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"I rarely subscribe to "email newsletters." There are a few exceptions — one being
Edwin Abl's weekly briefings"
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I publish a weekly briefing every Saturday at 11:30 GMT. It contains seven articles I've found useful during the week and an actionable Q&A section with key learnings and recommendations for your tech stack. All consumable within three minutes.
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Edwin's Weekly Briefing

Every Saturday, I send out my "Weekly Briefing" newsletter.

It will contain 7 articles I've found useful during the week. An actionable Q&A section with a key learning and a recommendation for your tech stack. All consumable within 3️⃣ minutes.

What are weekly digest articles?

Back in 2014, I had a vision to help members of my team learn something new every day. I cared about their mindset, motivation and drive. So I sent a morning email at 6am, which became my Weekly Briefing. My team suggested making the content external. So, that's what I did.

Who is the newsletter for?

+ CEO’s / revenue leaders who want to learn SaaS GTM & marketing
+ Marketing leaders and aspiring marketing leaders
+ Curious minded who love learning and personal development

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