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I'll personally review YOUR current sales copy, and provide instant feedback on areas for improvement. Over the last 10 years I've written over 5,000+ emails for demand generation, cold outreach and newsletters.
A/B Tested Emails
All the templates I've created over the last 10 years have been thoroughly A/B tested for performance - subject line, content and call-to-action. There is NO magic bullet but I'll guarantee you learn and improve.
Personalised 'Outbound'
My goal is to understand the EXACT benefits your b2b solution provides based around the emotional needs of the prospect - I do not encourage 'mass' email approaches and/or generic outbound emails.
Quick Turnaround
If you need to launch a campaign FAST, I'm able to assist with providing relevant copy in short-time periods. It depends on the speed of information we collaborate on, together.
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