[UPDATED Nov, 2018] Tools: 20+ Tools / Apps to Boost Productivity

Over the years, I’ve often found to give out recommendations on apps, tools, products and anything new that is generally cool. People tend to think I’m a little overkill with process, apps and new things to play around with (believe me, it can get distracting rather than boost productivity).

Figured it would be fun to share some of the latest tools I use everyday.

Please reply and let me know any of your favourites, love hearing about new ones!

Business Apps

MixMax — Quite simply, the best prospecting tool in the market. UI is awesome, automation of sequences the best in the business and a great Salesforce integration.

Social Lead Machine — Allows you to automate the process of visiting prospects profiles in persona segments.

Asana — Took a few years to fully embrace (tried ToDoIst and various others) however it’s great at managing and delivering projects with a team.

UseLoom — Perfect for short videos to send within email, improves communication both internally and externally.

MercuryReader — Sends articles to Kindle. Enough said!

EmailHunter — Daily prospecting tool for gathering lists quickly and efficiently.

LeadIro — Database of contacts with specific technologies i.e. Salesforce.com (testing at the moment).

TeleprompterCloud — Helps you present more effectively on Hangouts and Webinars.

Canva — Spin out designs in record speed.

LeadPages — Build slick, mobile optimised pages in minutes for campagns.

FullContact — Manage your contacts (if you have a lot!), makes it easy to schedule follow ups.

Gmelius — Love it. Main use to manage the gmail UI and block email trackers.

HTML Stripper — Vital for creating mobile optimised emails.

Email Tester — Test the deliverability of emails.

Coggle — The easiest mind-mapping tool on the web.

iPhone Apps

Blinkist — Read books in under 5 minutes.

Momentum — Track your daily habits.

Dreamdays — Add countdowns to events that matter.

Breathe — Try to meditate each morning.

Due — Add simple reminders for during the day.

Feedly — Curate your favourite articles.

Runkeeper — Track fitness.

TruBe — Uber for personal training (London only)

Asana — Cool mobile app of the product.

Panda — Curated news from leading sites.

CityMapper — Transport app, amazing!

Hope you found this list somewhat useful, my number one picks if in sales or marketing would be MixMax — it’s an amazing product with excellent features (and you get serious results).

I’ll update a post with great websites for consuming curated personal development materials at scale — coming soon!!!

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