How To Become A More Purpose-Driven Organisation

We’re living in unprecedented times. A global pandemic has forced change upon every business.

Many companies are using this time to re-evaluate how they work. Leadership teams are having to think quickly and radically about how their business is structured.

Over the last five years we have been on the cusp of a large shift in how businesses operate. Different generations working together has forced a rise in consciousness. The current situation is saddening, but has caused another shift to happen.

In the medium and long term, we can expect to see a deep shift in how people approach their home, work and life balance. We will think differently about what we do for a living.

Organisations too will have to adapt. Leadership teams will have to connect with their ‘real’ purpose and share this with the workforce in a meaningful way. I have previously written about purpose driven culture (Culture Vs Purpose - Which is better?) at a high level. People asked me afterwards how I’d go about actually implementing this philosophy. How can you build purpose consciousness?

Introduction to MAHA Global

So, to provide more context on how to create a purpose-driven company, I sat down with my friend Haider Nazar, an expert in helping companies become more purpose-driven. He explained a series of steps he uses to help businesses implement purpose.

Featured at Davos, within the UN Global Compact and several other media publications, Haider is now leveraging his experience to help companies at various stages of their Impact Journey into becoming “Purpose-Driven.” His company, MAHA Global, helps companies that are often in positions to lead, but often don’t because they lack stakeholder performance practices and tools. MAHA’s Vision is to create a world where all companies integrate Purpose as a core strategic pillar, with employee purpose at the heart of the movement.

Working with MAHA, companies will have the opportunity to baseline the Purpose of their organisation, get access to academic experts, data scientists, gain new actionable insights and integrate new management techniques within the flow of their work.

If you’re at a crossroads, struggling to connect individual managers and teams with a clear vision, here is Haider’s advice on how to get started.

How to engender purpose in your business

He believes there are three ‘legs’ to this stool:

1. Clear leadership
2. Enabling mid managers
3. Creating individual meaning for the entire workforce

Let’s look in a little more detail.

Read the full post here 🚀

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