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Edwin Abl

Revenue Leader, Coach, Mentor & CMO

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Client Testimonials
Latane Conant
CMO at 6Sense
Edwin drove results and built an incredible team. He hired amazing talent and groomed them to be their best. He had a positive impact on our business, careers, and lives. Ultimately this is the mark of great leadership.
Chris Dunning
CEO at TechQuarters, Microsoft Partner
Ed is a fantastic entrepreneur and get things done kind of guy. I never had to spend ages talking through what help I need he just gets it and delivers on the task.
Matthew Adam
CEO of WeareDigital.co.uk
Edwin was recommended to me as a guru in the b2b marketing space, to talk to in terms of tapping his brain for information (!) We've had some great conversations and he's really mentored and helped my thinking at our VC backed firm, which is investing in its marketing dept. Extremely knowledgeable, ambitious thought leader!
Carlos Olivera
CEO at Shaping Cloud, Microsoft Partner
The impression I was left with is that he really understands the SaaS market and the specialist skills required for growth. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.
What I'm Doing Now...
I'm CMO at Modulr. We've secured over £35m+ in funding, providing a new type of payment account. My team has grown rapidly to deliver 5x uplift in pipeline. Modulr is built for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. Find out more: www.modulrfinance.com.
Blenheim Chalcot
Modulr is part of Blenheim Chalcot - the UK's leading venture builder. If you are seeking roles across multiple-disciplines from sales, marketing, development, product, leadership and more... then click here to view jobs across the BC portfolio and grow your career in an exciting fast growth environment.
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