We Didn’t Reinvent

the Wheel, Only Email.

Email as you know it is out the door. Email as you want it just arrived.

HEY’s totally familiar, but completely different.

What Is Due Diligence
What Is It
A forensic audit of marketing and sales capabilities.

Expert insight with rigorous DD with road-maps
and actions for post-deal execution.
Why Is It Important
Supporting the right decision on growth.

Are you confident in the team, processes
and go-to-market proposition to achieve plan.
Outputs to Help Scaling
Make quicker and impactful decisions on the processes
needed for growth.

Expert recommendations based on real-world
experience used on the ground in scaling SaaS businesses.
Outputs to Help Scaling
Visibility into risks and opportunities for the investor

A road-map for leadership and operating
capabilities model
Due Diligence Report
Executive Summary for Gett

Current State — Now 2021

  • Strong sales leadership and new hire to lead sales team
  • Marketing is disjointed with cross-overs of accountabilities, team structure, ownership and lack of clarity — this will slow down growth potential
  • Outbound campaigns not effective at converting to sales opportunities
  • Diagnostic analysis shows a focus is needed in Brand, Value
  • Proposition and Organisation Sales Enablement and
  • Basic fundamental blocks required
Future State — End 2021
  • First, create the building blocks for success; these are a) Value proposition b) Hierarchy of messaging to sales c) Team organisation and alignment
  • Complete operational B2B marketing function reporting alongside sales leadership
  • Content strategy well-defined and owned in-house with regular cadence of distribution
  • Use diagnostic process as an ongoing tool to focus efforts QoQ for building high performance across the group
Sales Effectiveness
Roadmap and Timeline
Structure & Governance Model
What steps are required to measure sales & marketing
effectiveness / measurement
  1. Run diagnostic  process quarterly to refocus on key items
  2. Review deal velocity % end of each quarter
  3. Review close rate % end of each quarter
  4. Measure lead generation scorecards monthly
  5. MoM deal values per IS / sales rep
Other Recommendations
Brand denotes the marketing efforts to engage out-market prospects.

The out-market refers to prospects that are not ready to buy. It is the long term marketing strategy.
Unique Experience
Activation denotes the marketing efforts to engage in-market prospects through campaigns.

The in-market refers to prospects that are ready to buy. It is the short term sales/ marketing strategy.
Core refers to our ‘direct sell’ markets in lending, crypto, wealth, travel, banking and merchant services.

It is the core of our revenue.
Channel, unlike core, refers to our ‘integration or referral’ markets in software integration, software distribution and accountancy.

It is an exponential revenue opportunity through network effects.
The marketing vision denotes the guiding star by which all marketing activities must work towards achieving.

The marketing vision is to make Modulr the most likeable brand in our category.

Messaging is how we communicate to the market. It encompasses brand tone of voice, slogans, campaign messages and the brand narrative.

The customer’s motivation is the active part in our messaging.
Tactics are tools that are used to produce and execute marketing campaigns and operations.

We constantly research the latest marketing tactics to ensure our campaigns are effective.
Strategic Pillars
Strategic pillars are big bets for 2021. In line with contrarian thinking, it is vital to act ahead of the marketing playbook to differentiate Modulr in the market.

The strategic pillars are our ‘attack’ against competing brands.
Full Reports With Next Actions
Raw Data

Full data review on scores and highlighted next actions.

Review the insight dashboards of DD overview, graphs and analysis.
DD Pack
Read folder with a range of DD recommendations and more...
How We’ll Gain a Monopoly
Through Brand

Through contrarian thinking and the most credible argument, underpinned by authenticity and sown by a network of co-conspirators.



Contrary to popular belief, there’s now a better way of doing something.

By definition, and especially as an alternative newcomer, we’re adopting a non-consensus argument to persuade businesses to our way of thinking.

Why? Because thinking like every other payments provider won’t move the dial.

The market wants to make big bets to get ahead of the competition and they’re willing to back the most credible contrarian argument.

The Most Credible Argument

While there’s always a healthy risk appetite for businesses to try new ideas, the arguer must be credible and the argument stack up consistently.

We see a shift in the market towards embedded financial services. Our leadership team with 120 years of experience combined had their hunch.

Our investors, including a global payments company, back us to be right. And now the quantitative research we’ve carried out validates our hypothesis.

And this is all we’ll tell the market, consistently.

By Authenticity

But even a ‘right’ argument needs deep, emotional foundations The contrarian argument is our ‘how’. We need to state our motivation and enrichen the ‘how’ with the ‘why’ of our mission.

Only our brand has our unique origin story. Our founders built our company because they were the customer once. They’ve experienced the pain and frustration of the old world, so they’re building the new world to make the customer’s life easier.

This isn’t just about money, but a desire to save the customer the headache we had. I.e. Emotional connections, ease of our API documentation.

Sown By a Network of Co-conspirators

Inspire your customers to stand in the contrarian movement alongside you.

We all like being part of a club, being ‘in on it’.

The same is true for our customers. They want to feel inspired by our movement. They want to feel like our brand represents them.

They want to feel a part of the Modulr community and share in our plot.

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