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Edwin Abl
My Current Books
and Products
Over the years I’ve developed a suite of frameworks, playbooks, courses, and software products. While Advisory is my main focus, my Due Diligence product for VC's / Investors, paid private community serves as a roadmap for SaaS companies, and people to get to the next level.
Demand Karma
Due Diligence
A forensic audit of marketing and sales capabilities. Expert insight with rigorous DD with road-maps and actions for post-deal execution. Visibility into risks and opportunities for the CEO. Make quicker and impactful decisions on the processes needed for growth.
Private Community
Hey 👋 Short form advice for aspiring and successful marketing / revenue leaders who want to scale their marketing, leadership skills and sustain personal growth. For the curious. Helping companies, and people get to the next level.
How to Build a B2B Marketing Machine (Coming Soon)
A practical guide that teaches you the fundamentals of revenue generation marketing in B2B. If you are a CMO, this book will help you align your teams around a practical model for revenue growth and will give you a hands-on guide to building the systems and your strategic marketing model.