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I do two things

With successful B2B SaaS companies who want
to scale revenue but not enough knowledge of demand
generation marketing.
(Unavailable - Permanent CMO at
Mentoring and Coaching
Commercial executives; start-ups and scale-ups.
Access consulting on best practice and systemised processes to deliver $100M+ pipeline for B2B organisations. I'm an executive, revenue leader and marketer. I've run marketing in start-up, scale-up and enterprise environments.

I help B2B SaaS companies and executives scale revenue marketing globally. (Please Note: Currently unavailable for permanent consulting projects — current CMO at Modulr - a payments as-a-service digital payments platform. Developers LOVE using our API --> Open a free developer account here).
Hi, I'm Edwin!
Revenue leader, Coach, Mentor and CMO / CRO
If these points above resonate with you, I just might be your guy. Learn more below...

This is my story
When I was 21 years old
...started working in recruitment on a cold desk with ZERO customers, processes, tools or strategy - just a phone.
Cold selling was incredibly hard
...my goal was to look how to create sales opportunities through warm selling — with a focus on email outreach and simple clever strategies.
Wanted to transform an industry
...and decided to start my own consulting business thinking it would be easy to build something and sell for lots of money.
Hit an obstacle
...didn't quite reach my goal, selling and building a small business was an incredible slog, without the right strategy for consistent growth.
Had a rethink, started a hiring platform
...called TalentFeed that helped curate Salesforce developers into an invite-only community, made it work but failed to raise funds despite being profitable.
It failed to make a HUGE impact
...something didn't quite click, realised it was important to refocus and learn from the past, my goal was to guide, coach, mentor, and help/ learn from start-up CEO's.
Spent 5 years learning along the way
...all about systems, processes, challenges, sales outreach, a new sales fads etc etc... in addition, studied and tested all sorts of personal development hacks, tactics and guru blueprints...
Started the marketing and growth teams at Appirio in Europe (acquired by Wipro in 2016)
...to put my knowledge into practice and build something bigger.
Built marketing function at Hive Learning
A billion dollars is spent every day by organisations on learning and development but most learning gets buried in notepads or never leaves the room – we're here to change that.
Joined Modulr
Helping to build the marketing / demand generation go-to-marketing and sales process from scratch (I'm hiring!)

Let's talk about growth
and what is the challenge?

63% of sales, CEO's / Founders say that building pipeline opportunities is painful.
This is made 10x worse through poor sales and marketing alignment
— it's the reason more than 90% of scaling startups fail.

I'm here to help.
a) commercial leaders who want to get better at what they do
b) CEO's who want strategic
but also tactical advice around scaling revenue growth
Sales Enablement
Speaker and writer on marketing innovation
Hired and led groups across sales and marketing
Over 15 years+ of operating experience in the trenches
Global operating experience across multiple industries
Outbound Marketing
Inside Sales Efffectiveness
Strategic validation you are "doing the right thing"
Go-to-market process design and execution
Content Strategy
Demand Generation
Marketing Technology
c) I've helped grow a pipeline from $30k to $133m, I can teach you my system
I've Built Pipeline
From Scratch to $100M+

I've helped grow a pipeline from $30k to $133m in 4 years, and I can help share that knowledge, experience and advice with you.
People I've Helped...
Chris Dunning
CEO at TechQuarters, Microsoft Partner
Ed is a fantastic entrepreneur and get things done kind of guy. I never had to spend ages talking through what help I need he just gets it and delivers on the task.
Latane Conant
CMO at 6Sense
Edwin drove results and built an incredible team. He hired amazing talent and groomed them to be their best. He had a positive impact on our business, careers, and lives. Ultimately this is the mark of great leadership.
Carlos Olivera
CEO at Shaping Cloud, Microsoft Partner
The impression I was left with is that he really understands the SaaS market and the specialist skills required for growth. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.
Matthew Adam
CEO of Wearedigital.co.uk
We've had some great conversations and he's really mentored and helped my thinking at our VC backed firm, which is investing in its marketing dept. Extremely knowledgeable, ambitious thought leader!
Who can I help?
CRO / VP Sales
CMO / VP Marketing
VP Demand Gen
Get a Sales & Marketing Diagnostic
My specific expertise is building a marketing/sales strategy for scaling demand generation. I'll provide valuable ideas around process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.
Mid-Market / Enterprise
Over 100 employees
Transforming approach to growth
Need to break down existing silos
Free Assessment
Scaling Startup - Series A / B+
Between 20-100 employees
Validated product market fit
Scaling growth efforts
Free Assessment
(PLEASE NOTE: Currently unavailable, aside from general connections— acting as CMO at Modulr , get a demo here --> www.modulrfinance.com
How can I help?
My specific expertise is building a marketing/sales strategy
for scaling revenue generation. I'll provide valuable ideas around
process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.
1:1 or remote coaching, specifically aimed at either
a) commercial leaders who want to get better at what they do
b) sales leaders/entrepreneurs who want strategic but also
tactical advice around scaling revenue growth.
Non-exec: board, CEO, start-ups or sales leaders, get access
to my expertise around scaling revenue for growth, building
a sales development engine and scaling revenue generation
across EMEA.

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