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Should SDRs Sit In Marketing Or Sales?

Today’s blog post will be addressing an age old question — should Sales Development Reps (SDRs) sit in sales or marketing?

Where in the organisation do they need to sit for the best outcome? What is the best strategy and approach?

The question often causes significant debate.

A CEO’s dilemma

CEOs will sometimes assume where SDRs should sit but also ask for direction on who should own the function and where the function should sit.

They may go to their CRO, CMO or outside peers/ advisors for such advice.
In my experience of this, it’s easy to get too caught up in being obsessed with which department SDRs should operate instead of looking at who will give them the most attention for success.

It’s who gives them the most coaching, who gives them the most support and who gives them the best approach to alignment that should be prioritised. Of course, at the same time aligned to the revenue outcomes or GTM.

Through my advisory work, I see CEOs have an opinion on where the SDR should sit (not always accurate) and, after all, the CEO does make the call on what the overall organisational design should look like.

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