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Top Tips For Building Resilient Daily Habits And Motivation

In the morning. I do this with an Evernote note each morning. Under a master journal folder. Best time is after waking before you start working. Three simple questions. 

1. I will let go of... 

2. I am grateful for... 

3. I will focus on... 

A super simple checklist to follow during the day. 

1. Compliment one person
2. Think two positive thoughts
3. Meditate for one minute
4. Name three things you’re thankful for
5. Do one push-up
6. Write 50 words
7. Read two pages
8. Do ten jumping jacks
9. Go outside and take 100 steps
10. Drink one glass of water

Give it a go! 

Here is a strategy for the week (an alternate approach). 

Monday - Thanksgiving
3 Reasons to be grateful

Tuesday - Terrific Times
Describe a great experience from my life

Wednesday - Future Fantastic
Write down my perfect future

Thursday - Dear...
Write about 1 important person in my life

Friday - Reviewing the situation
Write down 3 things from the last 7 days that went really well no matter how trivial