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Do I Need To Invest in MarTech?

Adding new products into your product stack is a common question. But most do it in the wrong way, or procure a new tool in the wrong context. Let me explain what this means. 

The reason for buying a new tool is to drive operational efficiency, or better experience for the users, scalability and/or an improvement in results. Case in point a tool like Outreach instead of HubSpot sequences. Does this sound common? You invest time researching, reviewing and demo’ing lots of options. All dreaming about that magic bullet to the challenge you are trying to solve. You get your team involved. The vendor pushes hard on the utopia of the outcome. 

At the same time you invest in a data-platform or have one in-place already that will sync with Outreach or another such tool. Great you will combine tool + product to create your magic formula of success. In this case to improve conversion rates to meetings for SDR’s, sales and CS - getting more meetings and at the same time reducing admin. 

Individuals, always forget the 3rd pillar. This pillar is the message. Now what is more important? The tool. The data. Or the message? Well in fact it could be a combination of them all. But IMO the message is the forgotten glue in between the data and the tech. The tech is the least important. 

Why do you spend 6 months researching, implementing and launching the new tool. Only to spend 2 hours working on the message. You spend all the time training the team with the tool and forget to upskill them on writing, value proposition and pitch. Is it then a surprise your campaigns see no uplift in conversions and results? Not really. 

The moral of the story. It might be the right decision to buy Outreach (or another tool) and integrate with HubSpot / But you should think about your approach. In many ways it’s simpler to stick with what you have and focus on the challenge you are looking to solve. 

Work on the message. 

Work on upskilling. 

Work on the value proposition. 

Get those right first. Don’t try to solve your problem with a new tech tool.