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How To Implement An Account Based Marketing Strategy

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the biggest buzz-word in SaaS over the last few years.

The big challenge for revenue leaders, CEO's and marketers is really understanding "how to execute" an effective strategy.

ABM is often designed with a singular campaign focus, not always-on, not integrated across marketing channels and not aligned fully to sales.

It often adds more complexity in the GTM strategy.

The only way to reduce the potential risks associated with virtually any strategy is to develop a comprehensive game plan.

The starting point for ABM is a shift towards highlighting ICP accounts.

Traditional marketing looks at the whole market, or industry, or segment and plans campaigns across generic cohorts.

A discipline aligned to a less sophisticated Demand Generation strategy.

You can download below:
Your *** very own ** ABM Playbook

P.S. You will find a checklist of key items in 4 phases. From Readiness, MarTech, Launch and Post-Launch (being always-on). These are the foundational basics of ABM to help you plan and execute a GTM strategy in simplistic terms.