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What Is The Impact Of Overwhelm On Your Team?

Statistically it has been found that people can’t cope with more than a 10% additional workload.

Challenge: Business thrives on iteration and change is a constant factor. To keep employees up to date, managers and leaders plan extensive training and processes for rolling it out. These trainings often include lectures, webinars, workshops and additional reading, incorporating additional time and energy. They extend the workload of employees.

Solution: Instead of rolling out large, encompassing change, leaders should honour the 10% statistic and create change in bite-sized chunks. Rather than planning cumbersome trainings, leaders could plan what the desired change they are looking for requires. Those requirements can then be broken down into small steps.

Giving workers sequential learning targets that will eventually come together to reach the end goal prevents them from becoming overwhelmed. It allows them to maintain their current workload and add a little bit at a time.
Incremental work also leads to lasting change. Not only is it easier to incorporate the change, it becomes part of the process itself.

As The New York Times suggests, “the best path to long term change is slow…”. Shift from excitedly over-preparing a massive training program and focus on the small behaviours that need to be mastered to eventually create that change overall.

Be open-minded about acquiring knowledge. Learn something small and put it into action every day. But that’s easier said than done. That’s why I’m bringing you a list of ten habits you can develop to become devoted to achieving mastery and learning every day.
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