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Should You Have Better Marketing Or Better Pricing?

Both can be interconnected. You have to look at addressing each question separately and work backwards to how they connect.

For example, if you are marketing high-end enterprise but your price point does not match the go-to-market. There will be a dichotomy.

If you target SMB. But your pricing is too high then you will fail to win deals. You have to discover the value of your solution, position to market to a niche/ audience and align pricing to match.

It’s always a good tactic to test different pricing models on the prospect. Prospects love a deal. Love the psychological “win” of getting discount or a price they feel to have won the negotiation.

With that in mind it can often make sense to price higher and discount (enterprise). If within a margin that still works.

In short, better marketing will get you awareness and leads. Bad pricing will ruin conversion. If you have great pricing. And no marketing. There will be no pipeline or demand to buy the product.

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