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Why Oubound Marketing Is Important

Outbound is the holy grail for lead generation as it promises to fast-grow your startup or scale up, although often it does fail to live up to expectations.

Outbound marketing is tough.

It’s a crucial capability of scaling revenue in the early years, and beyond.

But what works.

It changes all the time that’s for sure.

The complexity never ends. I did a talk recently on outbound marketing.

The goal was to distil 7 “current” strategic myths of outbound sales or marketing. 

I believe the below are all myths.

1. Myth: It’s all about automation
2. Myth: You must be adding value
3. Myth: You need to be direct with the ask
4. Myth: Conversion is 10 times better with video
5. Myth: Everything is about ABM and ABM is the future
6. Myth: Using clickbait subject lines is ok
7. Myth: Campaigns have to be multi touch

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