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How To Become More Productive And Focused

Are you looking for tips to improve productivity and take control of your outputs?

This piece is designed to give insights into my highly-detailed and process-driven productivity system to help you discover some really interesting ideas around how to plan your long-term, mid-term and short-term strategy.

To give some context, I’ve taken a keen interest in productivity and life-planning for over fifteen years — compiling lessons from hundreds of books and following various authors and thought-leaders in the space of productivity and successful habits.

My passion for the subject covers a wide breadth of knowledge from current thinkers such as James Clear, all the way back to more traditional methods such as Getting Things Done (GTD) planning.

Over the years, I’ve created a system for myself which encapsulates a range of methods and approaches from around fifteen different sources to create a unique productivity system that I constantly optimise to inform my daily, weekly and monthly habits.

Join me as I take a deep dive into my three-step process and explain how you can learn from some of the brightest minds in business and psychology to create a bespoke approach that works for you.


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