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How Do You Become A Thought Leader

It's helpful regardless of your role to build a personal brand into the market. Most people aren't comfortable with becoming a 'thought leader'. My perspective is that it's stupid to define that as the initial goal. It's too self-indulgent. 

Instead just think how you can help people learn something valuable from your experience. Everyone has unique experience to tell your story. There will always be someone who it can potentially help. 

> Think of it like this: 

+ What do you know 
+ What are you an expert in
+ How do you know what you know 
+ What taught you 
+ Who taught you 
+ What was moment in time you learned that lesson 
+ This is who I am and this is exactly what I do 

Repeat the process and distribute over and over. And don't try to teach people something you don't know about i.e. If you haven't scaled a business to $100M - don't write a blog post called 'How I scaled my business to $100M :) 

The more you stick to your area of knowledge the more genuine the communication.