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How Do You Get Feedback From Customers to Sharpen Your Proposition Messaging?

You need to carry out structured and unscripted interviews. Then aggregate what they tell you. Use the data and content to build personas on those experiences. You need to find out the detail on why they selected your product/ service.

Questions to ask

1. “Take me back to the day when you first decided to solve this problem; what was the trigger to take action?”

2. “What really changed in you or the organization?”

3. Note: Key is insight into the trigger moment

4. “What did you do first to understand what providers to consider?”

5. Observation: Look for content they find useful, words, messages and language.

6. “What did your peers tell you that was helpful to you, when looking to buy this product category (what did you learn on the internet and own research)?”

Your goal is to be useful to the buyer in this process — think of a way to embed education into the call or insights that provides another touch-point experience with your business.