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Key Questions You Need To Ask When Planning Your Sales & Marketing GTM Strategy

These questions will be helpful for you to understand and help you plan: 

> Broader Scope Questions: 

+ What are your goals? Let’s define the top output / deliverables each month.
+ What is your current situation? 
+ What are your current challenges? 
+ What are your PQO (Prolific Quality Output) actions? 
+ What are your time-lines?
+ What budget do you have to spend?

> Specific Marketing & Sales Questions:

+ How much revenue do you need to generate from marketing efforts by the end of year?
+ What is the average sale?
+ What is your close rate? 
+ How many MQLs and SQLs do you need to generate?
+ How much revenue from existing customers do you need to generate?
+ What verticals are you strongest in?
+ Do you have any ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles?)
+ What customer stories can you leverage?
+ What tactical campaigns are running? What are the success metrics?
+ Do you currently have a strategy?
+ What is your current MarTech stack, which areas do you want to resolve, and in what order?
+ Do you operate a Sales & Marketing SLA? 
+ Where are the friction points that lead to a close journey? 
+ How valid (predictable) is the current sales pipeline?
+ How effective is your current outbound messaging? 

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