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How employee personal growth directly impacts revenue and customer growth

Today, being a leader in sales and marketing takes a lot of discipline and understanding. We are living in an era where business decisions are more and more data-driven. This data is important but so are the personal connections. It’s important to understand that your employees and customers are more than just a statistic in a spreadsheet.

By developing a motivational company culture and personally connecting with your employees, you can turn employee happiness into revenue and customer growth.

If a company goes through a rough time, many executives talk about how results will be achieved by working harder. Now I don’t disagree that perseverance is important, but sometimes it is about knowing what to work harder on. In order to achieve long-term revenue growth, you need to work hardest on employee growth.

Focus your attention not only on menial tasks such as sending more emails, A/B testing, and creation of more compelling content, but also on helping your employees with personal growth.

Employee growth will naturally fuel the fire to make your business better.

Better Employees = Better Revenue

Encouraging your employees to grow and learn new skills and techniques will ultimately make your business more creative and progressive.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”

Driven employees will learn more and implement new ideas that will make your business more successful. Employees that learn to work harder on themselves in general will not only have a greater impact on your business but will also be happier.

Happier employees are better employees, and better employees lead to happier customers, and happier customers leads to revenue growth.

So How Do I Motivate My Employees?

Trust, trust, and more trust. Trusting employees to learn what they need to and take ownership of projects and tasks will make your employees engaged, educated, and encouraged. And then, when things get crazy, your employees will be able to handle it. A lot of managers will motivate by telling employees what to do and how to do it (aka micromanagement).

This works for the short-term, but the quality of work and long-term potential for good work will always be limited when employees are micromanaged.

Now They’re Motivated, How Does This Become Revenue?

Motivated employees lead to motivated customers. Your employees will be more knowledgeable and creative when developing methods for customer acquisition. Employee motivation and autonomy helps a business improve its processes and in turn, helps it find the most motivated customers.

These highly motivated customers then purchase your product or service and generates revenue.

The best part is that this revenue-generation structure works over and over again because you’ve strengthened the foundation for this process — your employees.