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What Are The Best Interview Questions To Ask Candidates As A Hiring Manager

I'm busy recruiting again at the moment. I started my career in recruitment and picked up some excellent tips during that period of my career.

Recruiting is hard.

Finding the right person is hard. I was asked this during the week from another CRO in SaaS.

> Here are my go-to questions that always work: 

+ How did the culture at your last company empower or disempower you?

+ What where the characteristics of the best boss you’ve ever had?

+ Describe how you’ve had a conflict with a co-worker?

+ What kind of feedback do you expect in this role and how often do you expect it 

+ What do you want to do differently in your next role?

+ Among the people you've worked with, who do you admire and why?

+ What are you really good at, but never want to do anymore?

+ What were the traits of the best boss you've ever had?

+ What were the traits of the worst boss you've ever had?

+ What was the reason you were hired in your last role? And have you achieved that since you joined? 

+ When have you felt the lowest in your career? Did you realize how you felt in the moment? How did you respond?

+Why are you here? 

Many years ago I wrote a blog post aimed more for candidates and how to be successful at interviews. 

You can find the [Updated] Secrets for Interview Success here.