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How To Make An Impact In A New Role

Who are you dealing with?

+ Understand your stakeholders, what are they working on, what's important to them?
+ Don't talk about yourself, ask how you can help them?
+ Add value as quickly as possible.
+ Don't be the person who picks holes, bring new ideas to the table. 
+ Stakeholder RAG spreadsheet (consider keeping this a secret...).

Be really clear about what your boss wants and communicate

+ Don't allow anything to get lost in translation - send agendas 24 hours ahead of one to ones, summaries of what was discussed and next steps agreed afterwards. 
+ Think about how you communicate today and then consider how you 10x it. 
+ Make sure you know what good looks like in 3 months and then make it happen early.

What's the icing?

+ Always think about how you can over deliver on expectations. Is the 'icing' doing something much faster than expected? To a wider scope than expected? Concentrate on wowing stakeholders.
+ Consider how you sandbag great work. You don't need to talk about everything all of the time. Focus on what matters, at that point in time. 

Here is a good framework

There are 4 levels of employee’s. 

Level 1 — You do what you are asked to do
Level 2 — Level 1 + You think ahead and solve problems before they happen
Level 3 — Level 2 + You proactively look for areas of opportunity and growth in the business, and figure out how to tap into them
Level 4 — Level 3 + You help others do that either by coaching, mentoring or by taking on projects

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