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How To Follow Up A Sales Meeting Effectively - Here Is A Checklist

1. In room (Zoom these days): Agree next action and next contact date

2. Debrief outcome/process/relationship 1-4 with all internal attendees

3. Write echo-confirm-note and send from deal lead - use templates 

4. EMAIL — Echo letter example, REPLY post meeting 

5. Add internal notes, debrief scores/notes, cover BANT save to Hubpost/ SFDC/ CRM, share with Topcover (topcover is exec coverage on deal) / team

6. Hold back one share/extra from echo note, diarise to send separately 24 hrs later

7. Diarise time/reason to call / text key client(s) within 48hrs

8. Thank / update other clients / introducers who weren’t present

9. Identify two relevant nudges and diarise sending for +5 / +10 days

10. Build engagement plan to progress deal 

Question: will this person buy? Do they have the buying power? Who is the ACTUAL budget holder, user or buying team you need to engage?


1. EMAIL — In "YOUR" area (if they went cold - harder now in current circumstances!)

2. EMAIL — Topcover re-engagement if cold 

3. CONNECTIONS — Look for connections in your network and an effective value exchange to re-engage the contact